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My First Step

Taking that first step was the culmination of various deciding factors. I wanted to do my bit to try and help Raptors (Birds of Prey – BoP) that are being persecuted across the width & breadth of the UK.

Generally, Raptors that are killed are trapped, shot & poisoned, senseless illegal acts carried out by callous members within our society with apparent impunity. Social media now allows persecution incidents to be broadcast almost instantly, and the public are able to learn much more quickly about what is happening. Because of this, many of you reading will have heard random calls of ‘when will cameras be fitted to satellite tags?” That’s all they were, random calls. Mainly the answers came back “it can’t be done” or “the technology isn’t there”. After much discussion and deliberation and nobody coming forward with any sensible solution, I knew I needed to do this, because the technology is ‘there’.

What originally got me started on my journey was a news story from Bangor University, you may have seen it back in August 2017, about fitting a camera on a bee, on a BEE! This inspired me so much that in 2018, it led to CamTag® being conceived, and last year 3rd Eye Technology Ltd. a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, evolved to investigate the possibility of whether or not cameras on satellite tags is even feasible? CamTag® was an obvious, easy to remember name to call the Project – PROJECT CamTag®.

I knew that once my genie (CamTag®) was out of the bottle there was no turning back. So I took The First Step. The First Step on a journey to discover if the currently available technology can be adapted to fit Hen Harriers and other Raptors

Behind The Scenes

You might like to know who is working behind the scenes. 3rd Eye Technology has been set up by a member of the community for the community. Meaning that everyone should be able to enjoy seeing & watching magnificent BoP in the wild, unhindered by the hand of man, free from illegal persecution, habitat destruction and exploitation. My name is Peter Howe sole director and spokesperson for 3rd Eye Technology Ltd., set up for one purpose, to discover if state of the art technology can be used to help in the fight against Raptor persecution.

I have listened, watched, studied, learned about our fauna & flora all my life. Although I see the beauty in it all, my passion is birds. My earliest recollection was when I was about 3yrs old, of my Mum lifting me onto the worktop to watch the birds out of the kitchen window while she was doing the washing up, since then nature & wildlife has been my life.

In my local area I try to educate people on the importance of nature & wildlife in our lives, I have given talks about our local biodiversity and what people can do to help it. I take small groups of people out on early morning bird song ID walks and hold Nest-box making days, I also manage a small parcel of land locally as our community wildlife sanctuary. I feel that if I am doing these things myself anyway, why not invite others to enjoy the experience too.

HHD Midlands 2018
From left to right: Nick Miles, David Lindo, Natalie Bennett, Emma Marsh, Peter Howe, Tim Birch

In 2018 I was proud to be standing alongside many volunteers and speaking with others in the conservation arena, when I organised the first Hen Harrier Day in the Midlands in Stratford-upon-Avon. Although a wet day we still achieved c170 attendees. It was only a few weeks before that I started putting together my thoughts of a camera satellite tag.


I have been watching with interest since first hearing about PROJECT CamTag. Having CamTag as a deterrent would be an amazing tool in the armoury against the illegal killing of our Birds of Prey. Peter and I first met when he organised the first Hen Harrier Day Midlands event in 2018, which we both spoke at. His passion for OUR wildlife shines through with his every word.

I wish Peter and PROJECT CamTag every success and I have no doubt that he will be successful.

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David Lindo 
December 2020

Photo – Russell Spencer

Protecting our birds of prey from illegal persecution across the UK has never been so important. It is a sad reality that some people still knowingly target birds of prey such as Hen Harriers and Golden Eagles. We need to do everything that we can to bring this to an end as quickly as possible.

Tim Birch
Director of Nature’s Recovery
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Tim continues……. “Our skies should be full of some of the most iconic wildlife we have in these islands. That is why I fully support this important initiative by Peter Howe to develop technology that could play a vital role in detecting and deterring the people carrying out these wildlife crimes often in very remote places. Peter cares passionately about birds of prey and his commitment to this project is most impressive. I wish this project every success and look forward to the day when the illegal persecution of birds of prey is a thing of the past.”

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Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

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Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

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Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

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