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Hen Harrier ‘Rowan’ – Shot October 2016 – Image RSPB

As already mentioned, 3rd Eye Technology (3ET) has been set up by a member of the birding community. Peter Howe is sole director, has his own business and will not take a salary from 3ET, but will claim for general office expenses and travel involved with the project, also there are no staff. As such all receipts received will go directly towards the project less banking fees.

PROJECT CamTag® Stages 1 & 2 will only be possible with the help of funding from Grants, Crowdfunding, Public funding (local government match funding), and donations, this is where I ask you the ‘community’ to get involved. I need your help, or rather CamTag® needs your help, technology is expensive and together we can make this happen.

These past few years have been like no other. Covid 19 and Vaccines hit us from March 2020, and now the current cost of living crisis, with food and energy prices rising steeply, attributed to the Russian invasion in Ukraine and high inflation and interest rates. Publicly launching this project during lockdowns in late 2020/21 probably meant that things could be difficult gaining momentum, but we have persevered and the funding pot is growing slowly towards our £12k target. With all the ever increasing costs we face, we all have to watch the pennies, and at times it seems there is always a campaign that is asking for financial support in one way or another, which probably is the case. A lot of campaigns are small start-up projects trying to do their bit for their chosen cause. PROJECT CamTag® is no different, a project started by a conservationist with a passion to try and help catch those responsible for the illegal killing of our (yours and mine) Birds of Prey.

PROJECT CamTag® is divided into two stages. Stage 1 is the Proof of Concept (POC) better known as a Feasibility Study (FS), this will take approx. 6 months to complete, with the aim to find out if what is trying to be achieved is actually feasible, the point of a FS! 3ET has been discussing the project with a UK University and a UK based microchip company. After going out to tender the cost for the POC has been established at £12,000.00. This figure is based on researching specifications that have been recognised as the main criteria for a CAMERA satellite tag. Included as part of the study will be a larger than life prototype for functionality testing purposes and for helping forecast the potential cost for Stage 2. If a positive outcome to the FS is realised then this will trigger Stage 2 to be started, which will consist of a second round of fundraising, to enable the development, manufacture, testing and trialling of CamTag®.

County Council match-funding is a good way of applying for an injection of public funds , PROJECT CamTag® ticks all the boxes that will enable an application to be submitted if the target of £12,000 can be reached. This being the case then applications will be submitted for whatever grants are on offer at the time.

Taking the above into consideration, it’s with optimism I am asking for your help. I appreciate the restraints that we find ourselves under, but please help by giving whatever you can afford to our campaign, every amount given, big or small, will be greatly received and every penny well spent on your behalf. The sooner we reach the target the sooner PROJECT CamTag® can start, and the sooner we could be helping the UK’s Raptors. Our last Crowdfunder raised £1715, along with donations, as at 01/01/23 our total raised has just reached £3000.00
*If for any reason this project is unable to reach its funding target I guarantee all donations will be returned less expenses mentioned above, so please keep your record of donation payment for future reference.

We are pleased, and extremely grateful, to those donors who have now set up standing orders and are donating on a regular basis. Details for giving a donation are listed below. If you are able, please consider setting up a regular standing order.

I am offering a FREE Limited Edition Pin Badge for the first 40 donations of £30 or more, (setting up a monthly standing order automatically gets you a badge). To obtain your FREE badge you need to email me to obtain a Promotional 4-digit code and let me have your address* You will then need to add the code as your reference No. either on your bank transfer or on the reverse of your cheque.
** Your personal data will not be used for any purpose other than to send you your free pin badge, and of course a thank-you!

If you have donated £30+ and have claimed a free badge you can purchase up to 2 more badges for £3.99ea + P&P. Please follow the same procedure above or send us a cheque. All profits from sales will go towards the project.

needs YOUR help
Please Donate Now

There are two simple ways to donate to 3rd Eye Technology :

1. Send a cheque* made payable to 3rd Eye Technology Ltd. to our registered office at:
13, The Courtyard
Timothy’s Bridge Road
CV37 9NB

** We would like to thank-you! We can only do this if you attach your postal or email address.

2. By bank transfer to:
3rd Eye Technology Ltd.
Metro Bank
Sort code: 23-05-80
Account No. 38927922

As mentioned above please consider helping this project by setting up a regular standing order payment. *Please see our refund guarantee above.

Thank you so much for your donation. It means so much, and will help us reach our project start target.


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Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

Wild Justice

Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality


Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

Raptor Aid

Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality


Join our community & help make Camera Satellite Tags a reality

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